Youth Empowerment Summit

Providing youth with opportunities, the chance to excel, and a door to success doesn’t require a great amount of sophistication - just an honest commitment from those involved, a little time, and direct engagement.

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The idea behind The Youth Empowerment Summit is to enhance the lives of our community's youth. We believe it is important to be challenged and the championed, as the most steadfast leaders understand both. We have worked with the youth to develop their character, help them assume greater responsibility, and instill a sense of community in their lives.

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Our Annual summit is a day filled with free, food, games, giveaways, guest speakers with hands-on learning experiences, discussion groups, interactive leadership activities, and recreational learning.

Take the pledge to protect your mind. body and soul and understand that your body is a temple. Creating a circle of positivity the purity pledge is your special way to honor God and encouraging your friends who commit to do the same. Commit to provide encouragement, prayer and if need be fasting on their behalf. 

Designed to be motivating and empowering, our mentorship initiatives provide youth with a dedicated mentor for a full year where students learn from professionals.

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When someone stops teaching, there is one less individual learning. Share in your knowledge and support our future generation of leaders. - Theresa M. Wright