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Climate Change

Theresa Wright high spirited, creative management and analytical abilites will fill the communication  gap between the status quo and new age development.  Specializing in Corporate business management, the tax code, budgeting and finance, she plans to take our goverment system  to an entirely new level.

With more that 15 years in business Theresa has interacted and assisted the people with issues that gets overlooked in leglistation like tax credits that apply to individual business entities that may collectively benefit the taxpayers and the economy. 



Education System

There are too many abandoned buildings and houses in Pennsylvania for any individual to be homeless. There are too many good hearted people who want to help but lack the resources to do so. We need to develop housing grants to support thos individuals who have the creativity to fix the problem of homelessness. If the funds and resources are there then make it accessible to those who need it.

Affordable Healthcare  will set the foundation for Health America. People are physicall sick and in need of guidance  when it pertains to healthy choices. That starts with proper education on nutrition and regular doctor visit. If we have to choose between paying for insurance or paying the electric bill. We must have a serious problem on our hands.

Education should be accessible to all individuals and should not become a part of "big business". If it was up to me college education would be FREE!

A woman's body and the choices we make should not be up for debate. It is my choice!

The effects of our climate is one of the leading causes of the major health issues in America. Pollution not only effects our climate, it also deters our physical and mental health. It effects the food that we grow locally. This is why we experience summer like weather in the winter and spring like weather in the fall. It is up to us to make sure we minimize toxicity in the air so our seasons would change naturally.

Women's Rights

Guns in America has become a serious issue that affect many lives and families. Assult weapons should only be used by specially trained military officials and should not be accesible to our children. I support the ban on assult weapons and would like to see policies in place to protect our children, not bring them into our schools..

Our criminal justice system should contain a diverst group of  individuals from all walks of life. We have to understand how important it is to be able remain neutral and respectul to each other.

Theresa Wright based her platform on these particular views:

Views and statements on popular topics are not listed in a specific order or is based upon priorty. These statement deplict the expressed opinions based upon research and is sought to be important issues that affect the state of Pennsylvania. 

Gun Reform

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