Theresa Wright

Theresa Wright is your average American virtuous women who is known for her enthusiastic demeaner and effortless support in the growth of today’s youth. The 38-year-old wife and mother with a background in Accounting and Finance was born on June 29th in Tacoma, Washington. Her mother remarried a few years after her birth, and was raised in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, PA with her mother, dad and siblings. Her biological father died during her senior year in high school. Theresa attended Greenberg Elementary, Wagner Middle School and graduated from Martin Luther King High School. Overcoming adversity, Theresa had her first child at the young age of sixteen. While attending high school, she also worked at Taco Bell until she graduated in 1996.

Multi-talented hardly seems to cover the depth of Theresa Wright’s accomplishments. At the young age of ten, Theresa made and sold homemade water ice, and at the age of 14 opening a hair salon in her parent’s basement with her sister. Upon graduating, Theresa jumped straight to the full-time workforce gaining employment at DuBose Printing & Business Services, Inc as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper. After working there for a few years, Theresa pursued other opportunities while working in Finance and Management. Including Insurance, Banking, and customer service.  In 1999, she met her husband Jerome Wright, Jr., they married in 2002. Together they have 8 children.

In 2004, Theresa started a record management company affectionately called C3 Entertainment with her brothers and two cousins.  In the circles of C3 Entertainment, Theresa was appointed Chief in command. After cosigning and preparing the necessary structural developments needed to get the company off the ground, Theresa began managing the many faucets in the entertainment industry: creating biographies, business plans, mentoring, and educating upcoming artist about the administrative side of running a business.

With the entertainment business pulling her in different ways, Theresa found herself in an array of experiences which included youth development and empowerment touring with a small group of adolescents throughout the region and booking shows. During that time, she also helped prepared tax returns for family and friends during tax season. Theresa often stressed the importance of education; however, with only holding a high school diploma, Theresa felt like she needed to lead by example therefore enrolling in Lansdale School of Business one year after her youngest son was born. Theresa obtained her Degree in Business, Majoring in Accounting Management in 2011.

Her background in finance led her to pursue a career in Financial Planning and Insurance. She currently holds her license in Life insurance. As her career in life Insurance was short lived, the knowledge within the industry was of the upmost importance. Theresa maintains her life license so she may provide education on the subject. 

For over twenty years, Theresa earned a reputation for being a self-taught business manager. In 2000, Theresa branched off C3 Entertainment and launched her Accounting Firm after obtaining her degree. This achievement led to the insemination of C3 Professionals & Associates, Inc. Under the corporation’s umbrella, Theresa started a series of Community based programs and Initiatives. One being a youth and teen resource program, Phenomenal Dance Association. P.D.A. is a Non-Profit Association that offers resources for the youth. The goal is to assist with peer interaction through dance. PDA teaches the importance of professionalism towards successors, respect for each other, and how to develop a high self-esteem when faced with the challenges in a stereotypical environment. The dance association offers them an outlet. Our success derives not from money, but being able to change the path of troubled or mis-guided youth.

Theresa also founded the Dare to Compare program which was initiated to assist low income individuals in specific areas with development and training on how to lead a successful and manageable life. This program collaborated with Excellence Management, Inc., and offers low income and disabled veterans housing. The program assisted individuals with securing stable employment and ascertaining the proper training and professional development. Theresa continued to dedicate herself in this effort as she was once a single mother receiving public assistance. Theresa knew the adversities and the belittlement of receiving government assistance. The Dare to Compare program code of conduct stressed the importance of second chances.

In 2013, Theresa also founded the Improve Yourself program another non-profit initiative that will enable individuals and families to increase the value of their home through financial assistance. Improve yourself project will achieve each of the following programmatic priorities: Maximize community awareness and resources, increase financial management and structure for individuals, reduce home foreclosures and eviction rates, Reduce Homelessness, and Increase the structural value of homes. Theresa developed this program because homelessness hits close to home as she not only almost lost her home to foreclosure twice. Theresa is an advocate of the many government programs that are available and is constantly keeping up with them to make sure proper budgets are in place to assist Americans with unforeseen circumstances.

In 2014, Theresa developed the Choose Abstinence initiative to assist families with low and median income with the proper education and tools needed that will allow them to make positive decisions in life in regards to sexual intercourse. Choose Abstinence program was encompassed to: elevate young adult’s knowledge about sex and the importance to refrain, provide opportunities for a better education through our awards program, increase the self-esteem and help them become empowered, and ultimately reduce the amount of teen pregnancies and STD’s in urban areas.

For many years, Theresa followed political races, researched potential candidates, and often reached out to them to assist with the promotion of her many community initiatives. Theresa always in engulfed to what will become, and the radical change that American need to make for this country to thrive. She witnessed the lack of leadership in her generation and the incline of angry protestors due to unfair and unjust actions within our government. Theresa always supported the Democratic Party on the bases of that this party was for the people; however, we have injected the same antics and fallen democracy for years. It is about the people and their voice. Theresa’s political views are strongly built on the betterment of society. She understands the predicaments one could face while living on the battle ground.  After many years in the community seeing businesses fail; families losing their homes, felons unable to reestablish a livelihood because of their past, unfair Tax Regulations for Small Businesses. The cessation of first time homebuyer initiatives. Unaffordable healthcare for moderate income families, Un just and unfair act against foreigners. Foreigners contribute to our economical society. They help broaden our horizons and teach Americans different cultures. Theresa also witnessed the down spiral in funding for public schools, and inadequate pay for our teachers. Our children spend more time with teachers than their parents in most cases. Our teachers do not get enough credit.  Most of all the government needs a fresh perspective on political issues.

Throughout her financial career Theresa has managed, overseen and reconcile over 5 million dollars annually expanding from the Corporations to Small Mom and Pop Companies, and assist individual taxpayers and businesses with tax regulations and business management. Theresa realized they all face similar issues just on a different stature, and with the proper rebuilding of our governments regulations, this will subdue the economic turmoil that the United States is currently facing.  After watching the pit fall of the government after recent elections and seeing the decline in voter turnout, Theresa along with the people believes our government system needs a new face with fresh ideas to offer.  This essentially led her to pursuing and proclaiming fer run for United States Senate under the Democratic Ballot. Theresa has yet to hold a political seat, but by form of representation for the people and businesses who work hard and contribute to our economic society, she felt it was time. Theresa vowed become the voice of the Baby Boomers, The Millennials, and Generation X. She strives to become the voice for the next generation of leaders. Her platform is based upon protecting the people from racial and religious biasness, gender inequality, protecting our global economy, and ensuring equal rights for all.